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YouTubePhone 08432 899 346

Case Study

The Food Manufacturer

The Problem

A national food manufacturer was generating a large amount of cardboard boxes. Raw ingredients and plastic materials were being delivered to the factory in non-returnable cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes were being baled and sent for recycling.

C4B approached the company to discuss their options for sustainable waste disposal. The company were unaware of the large financial benefits of committing to a reuse scheme and were impressed with C4B’s attitude towards sustainability and zero waste. After producing a predicted revenue from waste report the company agreed to divert a proportion of their reusable cardboard boxes to C4B.

The Solution

The company were able to easily segregate and sort their boxes at source. C4B made weekly collections and the company’s cardboard waste produced a fixed income for the company.

C4B Case Study: Car Manufacturer

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