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Case Study

The Car Manufacturer

The Problem

A large car manufacturer was generating large volumes of cardboard boxes. Vehicle parts and other manufacturing materials were being delivered in non-returnable cardboard boxes and these were proving difficult to dispose of in a cost effective and sustainable manner. The company had invested in a large baling machine and currently had a contract with a recycling company. They approached C4B to investigate possible options for their waste streams as they were approaching the end of their contract.

The C4B assessment team made a site visit to discuss the company’s current cardboard generation and factory processes. They advised on implementing a segregation at source programme. This meant that all cardboard was sorted as it was produced, creating a more organised and efficient sorting process. A predicted revenue from waste contract was drawn up detailing the predicted income that the company would receive from implementing a reuse programme.

The Solution

C4B set up an agreement to buy a significant proportion of the cardboard generated for their reuse scheme. Regular collections were made and the company quadrupled their income from waste.

The company was able to continue their contract with the recycling company for a proportion of the cardboard generated that could not be reused.

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